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Ski safari, off-piste and much more


Ski safari is getting a little old but it is still one of the best ways to get around in the huge area of the Dolomite Alps. A ski safari is a ski trip where you sleep in huts in the area. This is a great possibility to see a lot of the more remote areas in one week.
I like to be flexible with these kinds of safaris and there I offer the following:
Standard ski safaris (just on ski slops). It is not necessary to be very experienced at skiing but you should be able to stand on the skis for a whole day. Duration from 1-4 days.
-”Gourmet” -safaris: I will try to find the huts and restaurants in the area where you can dine best
-Off-piste safaris: the same concept but we will experience some great off-piste-trips in the different areas.

Randonee-ski safaris: we will use skin under our skis´, which gives us the opportunity to run in off-piste areas outside the areas with ski lifts (you have to be fit for this).
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Summer MTB & Trekking trips


I offer a guiding service for all sports people or to those who just love nature and want to see the mountains in summer. I can guide you on the MTB or a normal bicycle, on hiking trips in the Dolomite Alps or MTB trips at the Lake Garda.
All around in the mountains you can find huts. These are places to eat and sleep.
So you can easily go on trips over more days up until around 1,500 to 2,000 meters altitude on the day and spend the night in one of these huts with half board. In that way you have the possibility to see a lot and get around in the mountains.

I also offer one-day trips where we will return to our base in the evenings. These trips can also take place at the Lake Garda.
For those of you who are not that keen on biking but want to explore the mountains by feet, I offer hiking trips in the form of ”cabin-hopping”, where we go from one hut to the other in the Dolomite Alps.
If you are a group where some of you rather want to bike and the other rather want to go hiking, I can find a way for that, too. Your fantasy is limitless.
Are you interested in active holidays? Call me or write me an email:

Phone: +39 346 3791942

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